About Us

Transition Consultants is a full-service Practice Sales, Appraisal, and Financing firm
serving healthcare professionals and clinical organizations.


We are backed by 30 years of experience in high-level transaction advisory and a mastery of the healthcare environment. Having consummated hundreds of successful deals, we understand the specific challenges involved in structuring healthcare practice transactions.

Our Team of Professionals

We are a family business with a long-standing tradition. The founders of Transition Consultants are entrepreneurs who have owned and operated various business brokerage and merger/acquisition intermediary Firms since 1980. Over the last 20 years we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to serving healthcare professionals in acquisition, divestiture, valuation, and financing projects. Physicians and clinical organizations rely on our experienced deal-makers and business strategists to help them realize a multitude of transition objectives.

Our Approach

Our full-lifecycle approach incorporates all components of a medical practice sale into an integrated process. This involves pre-sale planning, practice valuation, soliciting qualified candidates, securing financing, providing contractual agreement, and facilitating all negotiations through closing.  We are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive services for selling a practicebuying a practicepractice appraisal, and financing.

Business Philosophy

Transition Consultants has a success-driven business philosophy, defined by the belief that a client is not served until the right transaction has been consummated. We are wholly focused on translating client needs into results. The effect is a high success ratio and measurable outcomes for our clients. Our ability to envision and execute successful transactions is unmatched.

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About Us

Most doctors looking to buy or sell their practice can’t find the time to figure out the complicated steps involved. At Transition Consultants, we’ve created a process that makes the transition painless so they can move into their next season and start living life on their own terms.

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