Hosptial human resources - Manpower management planning

worked in various roles in a company bring much internal knowledge into a management position as well as pre-established relationships. A planning program can also be a valuable learning experience for internal candidates if it involves training opportunities. Potential future managers who receive extensive training over the course of their employment may be more apt to be effective leaders.

There could also be negative attributes of a management manpower planning program. If the program places a heavy focus on selecting internal candidates for management positions, it may find itself in a bind. Employees are less likely to remain with one company for a prolonged period of time, which is in stark contrast to the lengthy tenures which were more common in past decades. Internal candidates may not be around long enough to complete their management training and assume a new role. In addition, remaining within a particular organization for a long period of time may cause internal candidates to develop narrow perspectives. External hires can bring new perspectives into an organization which internal candidates may not possess. Internal candidates with little experience outside the company may have a smaller knowledge base on which to draw from. This can be detriment to the foresight and creativity needed to manage health care entities in the 21st century.

If enough stake-building measures are employed to keep internal candidates in-line with the manpower plan, then such efforts can be productive. It is prudent for companies to plan for future leadership and continue building on an established foundation. However, this must be done with the knowledge that trends within healthcare move rapidly and future management must be smart, flexible, and creative. A program can succeed if it accounts for change and trains future management to be effective leaders as well as managers.

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