Testimonial - North Carolina Vision Care practice

Seller testimonial from the completed sale of an Optometry practice in North Carolina:  


"There's a lot more to selling a practice than putting out a few ads in the journals and newsletters.  Mo was absolutely invaluable in helping me to sell my $1.4 Million practice during an economic downturn.  His services allowed me to continue working while he did all the behind-the-scenes activities, including screening potential buyers and analyzing my practice so he could present it honestly.  He was objective, and brutally honest in exploring some weak areas of my office, anticipating the questions the buyers would have.  Once we found a buyer, he arranged financing for the buyer and facilitated the mountains of paperwork for both parties.  Besides that, he just happens to be a great guy with a sense of humor and was a pleasure to work with.  I promise you won't be disappointed by hiring Mo at Transition Consultants."

Dr. JS
Morehead City, NC