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The Practical Use of a Medical Practice Appraisal

medical-practice-appraisal-valuationPractical use of a medical practice appraisal
Whether you’re an associate doctor buying into a practice or a retiring doctor selling to a hospital, getting a handle on what a practice is worth can be complicated.  Added to the complexity is a potentially arduous negotiation process, deal structuring, and financing.  Knowing when and how to approach the appraisal process may not always be clear.  Is a comprehensive formal appraisal report needed or can I accomplish the same goal with a letter form report?  And what’s the difference?  Setting a clear approach and expectation when seeking an appraisal will make the process easier.  It will also allow you to chose the right appraiser and apply the valuation to a practical use.

MPA Appraisal service in the News

Check us out in the news, announcing Medical Practice Appraisers as an independent service for valuation and appraisal engagements. We have been retained by a number of medical practices, clinics, and healthcare business entities for these assignments.

Medical Practice Appraiser - Client Testimonial

Dr. G Kumar, a client who has worked with our lead appraiser at Medical Practice Appraisers, Chris Majdi, wrote the following testimontial about his experience: "I have known Chris for more than five years and have dealt with him extensively in my pursuit to acquire a medical practice. He has done

Loan Refinance Debt Consolidation - Medical and Optometry

Refinancing a practice loan and consolidating debt can greatly improve cash flow and alleviate working capital needs. However, the process by which a doctor can obtain this type of financing may be less apparent. In a tight economic environment where capital guidelines may be more stringent it is important to plan ahead for this process.

Timing the selling process can make (or break) the deal

Proper timing of the selling process is hardly a new topic of discussion but is an area which is extremely important in achieving the successful sale of a medical office...

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