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Hosptial human resources - Manpower management planning

Management manpower planning is a system used to identify and groom possible managers within an organization. It can be used to build a hypothetical pipeline of capable future managers. Attrition, retirement, and other factors reduce the ranks of management. Openings are preferably filled with individuals who have extensive experience within an organization and have followed a management track. Individuals who have

Recruitment and retention of rural physicians

A significant human resource management problem is the recruitment and retention of physicians in rural areas. Physician recruitment has been a long-term challenge for a variety of rural health organizations. This includes private physician practices, community health centers, clinics, hospitals, and other health care organizations.

Entering practice – Buying a medical practice or starting-up fresh?

Many new graduates completing residencies and fellowships seek guidance on how to start a medical practice or buy a practice. Prior to program completion it is advisable for prospects interested in medical practice ownership to extensively research and evaluate all available practice options regardless of their first inclination.  After further research some doctors simply discover that medical practice ownership is not their ultimate desire and they may prefer to

Cosmetic services, the recent economic downturn, practice value, and pre-sale planning.

Practices provide a varying mix of services depending on the markets in which they are located as well as the practice style and preference of practicing physicians. Patient demand is also a major driver that dictates these services.


Multiple objectives when deciding to sell a medical practice

Why plan a transition earlier than later?

The decision to sell a medical practice usually is based on a number of factors.  Retirement and lifestyle issues are common considerations but unfortunately, distress sales situations driven by death or disability are becoming more commonplace.  We always stress the importance of planning early and developing an ongoing list of financial, lifestyle, and other objectives to evalute as you go along.

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