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Understanding practice benchmarks - Ophthalmology Practice Managment

An article regarding the use of benchmarks in ophthalmology practices appeared in the April issue of Ophthalmology Times. The author makes a good point regarding the use of a single benchmark versus a collection of benchmarks. The use of a combination of relevant and effective benchmarks can be a more reliable way to gauge the ongoing health of an ophthalmology practice rather than the use of a single "favorite" standard.

AOA Gains National Platform for Optometry's Priorities in Health Care Reform

The American Optometric Association weighs-in on how health care reform will affect Optometry and patient access to their vision care providers in the following audio news release.

Optometric Management - Manage Change in Your Practice

Managing change in an optometry practice can be challenging, especially when there is a laundry list of changes to be made. Prioritizing and carrying out these initiatives to successful fruition is often easier said than done.

Best Jobs in America - Money/'s list of great careers

Numerous healthcare-related jobs can be found on the Money/'s list of Best Jobs in America for 2009. Interestingly enough, physician extenders are in the 2nd and 4th spots on the list: #2 (Physician Assistant) ; #4 (Nurse Practitioner). Healthcare continues to be an area of tremendous growth and need.

Optometry Practice Managment - Winning new patients depends on your value proposition

Many optometry practices take a haphazard approach to marketing. Here's a perspective on an approach called a value proposition, "or the sum total of all the benefits a practice promises the patient in exchange for the fees he or she will be charged. The ratio of benefits to fees is what will establish the value of visiting your practice in the eye-care consumer's mind (Optometry Times, De Gennaro, 2009)." Click the linked quote for the full article from the Optometry Times.

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