Electronic medical records and staffing in the medical practice

An article posted by the American Medical Association discusses How electronic medical records affect staffing. Implementing an EMR solution in a healthcare practice can be challenging from many perspectives. Beyond the implementation process itself, much time and effort can be spent in training employees and redefining their roles.

Listing Highlight - Dermatology practice in Oklahoma - Acquisition Opportunity

Calling all Dermatologists...we have an excellent practice acquisition opportunity in Oklahoma.  Net income of ~$700,000 and seller is very motivated.

American Medical Association - Code of Ethics - Opinion 7.04 - Sale of a Medical Practice

We often have physicians who ask us about the transferability and saleablity of goodwill in their healthcare practices. Below is an opinion from the America Medical Association regarding the sale of a medical practice. Goodwill is certainly saleable and transferable (as long as IRS purchase price allocation guidelines, Stark laws, and HIPAA are adhered to). In fact, goodwill is often the most valuable asset within a healthcare practice.

Selling a practice vs. Closing a practice

Determining whether a practice is saleable can be tricky.  We are usually able to give clients a good idea whether their practice is saleable by looking at earnings, specialty, and geographic area in conjunction with specific market indicators and industry data.

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