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Selling a practice vs. Closing a practice

Determining whether a practice is saleable can be tricky.  We are usually able to give clients a good idea whether their practice is saleable by looking at earnings, specialty, and geographic area in conjunction with specific market indicators and industry data.

Listing Highlight - Dermatology practice for sale - NY - Quality of life

Are you a Dermatologist looking for a serious upgrade in the quality-of-life department? How would you like to:

Listing Highlight - San Diego Primary Care Practice for Sale

We recently listed a Family Practice in San Diego County, California . This practice was one of the more impressive practices I've seen in a while (my motivation of course is to facilitate the sale of this place, so this is also obviously a plug as well). To be honest though, this practice was magnificently efficient, well-designed, technologically advanced, and aesthetically pleasing. These are qualities which I don't usually focus on because I typically concentrate on earnings and other factors that drive economic value.

Small Business Administration to Ease Limits on Loans

Earlier this year the SBA put a 250k cap on the amount that could be financed for intangible assets in an acquisition loan. Looks like they're raising the cap to 500k (with a review process for amounts in excess of this).  Even with the 250k cap in place we have been getting larger deals approved and successfully completed. 

Transition Consultants has a new blog

Transition Consultants now has a blog! It can be found at As we get the new blog and website up to speed, you'll be able to find updates on our services, practice listings, and musings on healthcare issues from various consultants in our firm. Enjoy!

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