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Planning your exit strategy in a volatile credit market

Entrepreneurial physicians spend years building their practices and ultimately seek exit strategies that allow them to maximize practice value.  Most of these exit strategies are based on outright divestitures.  The availability of funding sources is essential in successfully implementing these types of transition plans. 

Medicare reimbursement cuts - A policy perspective

Quality improvement in health care has developed gradually as emerging ideas have been explored and implemented within various clinical and non-clinical settings. One of the more recent methods of quality improvement which has been introduced into healthcare organizations is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is “a rigorous set of processes and techniques to measure, improve, and control the quality of care and service based on what is important to the customer (Woodard, 2005, p. 229).”

Lean methodology in health care quality improvement

Lean production (Lean) is a type of quality improvement methodology which has been implemented in many industries. Its principles and practices also have been applied to health care organizations with success. This has been accomplished with refinement for the nuances of health care. Lean is a process management philosophy which has its roots in manufacturing and technology.

Article by Christopher Majdi, MS, CBA, CHBC, a process improvement consultant assisting Physicians and Health Groups nationwide. T ransition Consultants is a Medical Practice Consulting and Medical Practice Sales firm.

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