Cost Containment in Healthcare

Cost containment in healthcare is ushering-in new reimbursement and care delivery models.  The value proposition for hosptials and health systems will shift accordingly.

Seller Testimonial - Medical Practice Sale in Huntington Beach, CA

We recently secured the sale of a family medical practice in Orange County, CA.  This is the seller's testimonial of our work as the medical practice broker

Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers of healthcare related businesses encompass a wide array of market segments and capitalizations.  Deal activity involving smaller medical practices and health groups is expected to rise; Specialized valuation and brokerage expertise is required to handle these deals properly.

Medical and Dental Practice Benchmarking Data

Benchmarking and clinical statistics data are used by healthcare practice consultants to compare subject practices to peer group averages. The NSCHBC is a recognized source of healthcare industry statistics which is published annually.

How to Make a Medical Practice Budget - Introduction to Variance Analysis

Creating a medical practice budget is a vital part of medical practice management. Variance analysis is the decision-support function. This is a critical tool for the medical practice manager or physician practice owner-operator in determining the most effective cost control measures and revenue drivers.

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