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Optometry Practice Management

Optometry Practice Management and Reviewoptometry-financing

Optometric practice owners deal with a confluence of factors which impact the operational efficiency and financial performance of their businesses. With looming changes in the healthcare environment, optometrists in the private practice setting need to be mindful of strategies to stay competitive. The majority of optometry practice owners are responsible for both management as well as clinical care. As they may consider selling their practice at some point, they should be cognizant of operational issues, trends in Optometry, and other macro factors affecting marketability and valuation of optometry practices. Additional discussion on how to value an optometry practice can also be found on our site.

Interview Transcript of “Q and A with a Medical Practice Appraiser”

Christina Rodriguez: In this segment we are talking to Christopher Majdi, with Medical Practice Appraisers and Transition Consultants.

Q: What is your background and qualification?

A: I am a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant and hold a Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. I have been involved in the valuation, sale and financing of healthcare practices for 10 years.

Procedure Reimbursement and Dermatology Practice Sales

dermatology-reimbursement-cptDermatology Reimbursement
Reimbursement trends are vital to the profitable operation of dermatology practices nationwide. With looming changes in the healthcare system anticipated in the near future, the reimbursement of certain dermatology services and procedures could be potentially cut. The value of a dermatology practice is largely dependent on a consistent revenue stream, making reimbursement and revenue cycle management especially important for potential sellers. Additionally, those physicians contemplating buying a dermatology practice should be equally aware of future trends to ensure ongoing success of practices which they purchase.

Opening a medical practice - Long Island Business News

Our in-house medical practice appraisal expert, Christopher Majdi, was recently quoted in the Long Island Business News article entitled "Opening a medical practice is all business."  The article discussed the dynamics of starting a medical practice and practice sales in the Long Island Market.  Our current listing of a respiratory therapy clinic in Nassau County New York was also mentioned.  For a reprint of the full article visit LIBN.


Keys to a successful dental practice transition: Steps after buying a practice.

The decision to buy a practicebuying-dentistry-practice-appraisal
Buying a dental practice is a major step in one's clinical and business career. Many dentists make the decision to purchase after a period of working as an associate to gain experience and build capital. Successfully purchasing and managing a dental practice may also seem like an enormous challenge. While the path to practice ownership can be a natural progression, it may come with challenges for the ill-prepared. The first steps taken after the close of escrow are absolutely critical to ensure a successful transition. Often, new owners of a dental practice lack the necessary experience to simultaneously lead a support team and wear the hat of a business-owner. The ability to balance staff and business demands are vital to the ongoing success of a new practice.

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