Billing Medi-Cal for Vision Care Services - The 10 most common Vision Care denial messages

Medicaid can be challenging to properly bill and collect for vision care services. Optometrists and ophthalmologists with Medicaid patients need to be aware of specific payor nuances and correct methods to avoiding denials and get reimbursed for their services.

Managing medical practice overhead expense

Shrinking reimbursements are a progressive reality of the healthcare practice environment. Under these conditions private practices need to make smart decisions about how to manage their overhead expenses. Reduced growth in income means that previously manageable expenses may envelop a larger percentage of potential earnings.

Anti-Kickback and Self-Referral – Selling an optometry practice to an ophthalmology group

Selling an optometry practice sale can involve certain sale conditions and deal structure which may be illegal.  Avoiding arrangements which are heavily scrutinized for self referral and anti-trust violations is important when ensuring a successful practice sale and transition.  This can occur when an existing

Managed Care - Provider Q&A

Why are capitated providers often required to provide "encounter data"?

Encounter data relates to patient visits to a provider for outpatient and ambulatory services. This data is tracked for various purposes and has varying degrees of importance based on how a provider is compensated. For providers who receive revenues on a capitated basis, these capitation payments are based on calculations on past and projected data of patient utilization. The collection, reporting, and interpretation of

Hosptial human resources - Manpower management planning

Management manpower planning is a system used to identify and groom possible managers within an organization. It can be used to build a hypothetical pipeline of capable future managers. Attrition, retirement, and other factors reduce the ranks of management. Openings are preferably filled with individuals who have extensive experience within an organization and have followed a management track. Individuals who have

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