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Business plan and projections for the Optometry start-up practice

The decision to start-up an optometry practice can be fraught with many concerns. Drafting a "master plan" to account for the various aspects of the project can be helpful when taking an organized approach to the endeavor. Optometry school instruction does not typically cover enough of the business aspects of running a practice to assist in this matter.

Professional Highlight - Dr. John Scibal of Scibal Consulting

Professional Highlight - Dr. John Scibal of Scibal Consulting. Dr. John R. Scibal worked as a practicing optometrist for twenty-five years. He developed one of the largest and most successful Independent Optometric Practices in North Carolina.

The Problem with "Rules of Thumb" in Valuation and Asking Price Determination of Healthcare Professional Practices

Healthcare business valuation is a widely discussed and contentiously debated topic among business appraisers, healthcare consultants, accountants, brokers, lenders, buyers, sellers, and various other involved parties. This is due to a combination of competing interests and general confusion when it comes to valuation and asking price determination. This phenomenon is not

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Selling your medical practice to take an employed position

The need to sell a medical practice can arise for various reasons: lifestyle change, retirement, health concerns, or new opportunities. Some private practice physicians discover that academic or employed positions can present them with unique opportunities that are too good to pass up. In such cases where a practice must be sold in order to take a position, timeframe and pricing become crucial to realizing any potential value in the sale of the medical practice.

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