American College of Cardiology - Cardiology's Workforce Crisis

The shortage of healthcare providers in the United States is no new phenomenon. Among the resources in shortage are cardiovascular secialists. According to the American College of Cardiology, the number of "first-year training positions and total adult cardiology trainees is still below 1994 levels."

HIPAA also covers Business Associates of Covered Entities

The Healthcare Group published a piece in its 2009 Winter-Fall forecast regarding new items pertaining to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) which reflect changes to HIPAA regulations.

The Best State to Practice Medicine

Physician's Practice came out with its list of the best places to practice medicine in the November 2009 issue, based on the following criteria:

SBA Loans for Electronic Health Records systems

Senator John Kerry has proposed a bill that would allow physicians to obtain SBA loans for the acquisition of electronic health record systems and other computer technology to modernize their practice. This is a welcome relief to physicians who are worried about the high costs involved in acquiring, implementing, and maintaining such systems.

Protecting Practice Value - Southern California Physician

The latest issue of Southern California Physician featured an article entitled "Protect the Value of your Practice", which discusses the importance of a contingency plan for the practice in the event a physician-owner passes away. In such an instance it is vital for the sale of the remaining assets to occur as soon as possible. Intangible assets and goodwill are often the most valuable assets in a practice, and their value erodes rapidly once the principal is incapacitated or passes away.

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